oatmeal – a start.

Well i’ve finally started on my Oatmeal Pullover. I’ve had this yarn for about a year (almost exactly) which means i’ve been peaking in the brown bag it came in for months, imagining how the skeins would look knit up. So it’s about time. I’m not exactly moving fast on this one, but it’s begun and it has a shape resembling a sweater, so it’s a start.

(Sunny was a big fan of these tags, chasing them as if they were his tail. So cute!!)


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pixies and bonnets

I can’t stop knitting these. Honestly. How cute are pixie hats and baby bonnets. After knitting a bunch of toques and then rosa hats and then cabled hats, I guess I was just in need of a new baby hat shape to work on. I had no idea I cared so much! April asked me to knit Onawa a pixie hat and obviously I was excited for a new project for our baby girl down in California. Knitting is my way of sending them a piece of us. I knew I would make it purple, because I wanted it to match the new doll that April made her ( and i’m hoping will blog for us! ) which is also wearing a purple pixie! I knew though, that I didn’t want to make the same pixie hat that everyone seems to make. Luckily, I remembered my sweet Tristan had bought me the book “Vintage knits for modern babies” for christmas!! By the way Tristan, spot on. So happily I whipped up a purple ‘vintage pixie cap’ and before you know it i’m making 4 more, and not long after that i’m making modern baby bonnets too. Why make one when you can knit a bunch?

Ravelry link for the pixies / Ravelry link for the bonnets


Sunny helped model them for me, until I had seen any real babies in them… like sweet Callum in his bonnet that we mailed him. Thanks Tim and Karen for sending me a picture of him! And Onawa for starting me on this trend!

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