Her Very Own Apron Dress

aprondress4Quite awhile back I was inspired by a dress I saw on the blog Frontier Dreams. At the time I read this post Onawa was maybe only a month old but I knew I would one day make her this dress. Time went on and Onawa soon turned one, as spring was approaching I decided that this would be the perfect spring dress. Unfortunately, when I looked into buying the pattern I learned that it was discontinued. Still wanting to make the dress I decided it would be simple enough to buy a pattern close to what I wanted and make alterations. Oh boy was I ever wrong! Seeing as how I don’t have any formal sewing training and not even much experience this was a lot to take on and I just had no clue. Once at the fabric store I knew I wanted to incorperate her current obsession with birds into the dress and make sure it was bright and colorful. I bought McCall’s M6688 pattern and thought things would be fun and easy. For awhile things were fun and pretty easy too. That was in till I had to connect the skirt to the botice. Seems were not matching up and it was time to look for some professional help. (This is when I wish I had friends who knew how to sew!!) I found myself a sewing class which offered exactly what I was looking for. The class what great! I got to get out of the house, have a break from the kids and learned so many new skills. Best of all I came home with a finished dress for my daughter. I ended up having to loose some length in the skirt and my gathering stitch had to be stretch out so much that the dress now has hardly any pleating but overall for the situation I put myself in the dress turned out great. The important thing was that Onawa was ecstatic about it. She loved the birds and the little pocket to store away her little treasures. I hope to make her another apron dress in the future, one with proper measurements and pleating!
aprondress5This was also my first time attempting embroidery and I have to say I completely fell in love. It was super easy and fun! I started out by drawing a few ideas on paper. Once I came up with an idea I liked I used a pencil to freehand the picture I came up with ¬†straight onto the fabric which I had placed between an embroidery hoop. I got to work sewing right away and got it all done while watching an episode of Weeds. Yes, I was really into the show Weeds for a bit! Don’t judge!aprondress1 aprondress2 aprondress3

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