a blanket for babe

Finally, this blanket is done! It’s truly a bit embarrassing to admit how long ago this blanket was first cast on to the knitting needles but as easy as this blanket is, it certainly isn’t the fastest to knit. Unless you have oodles of time to simply sit and knit that is. I did try to make it a priority to at least knit a row or two a day but with that sort of rate it takes a long time indeed to finnish this project. None the less I did love this project. It was great to always have a constant easy knitting project to come back to. Something I could work on in the middle of chaos and not have to really think about what row I was on or if there was an increase or slip to make. Nothing but garter stitch row after row and that I found to be very zen; a great way to come back to mindfulness. I loved the simplicity and consistency of this blanket so much that I am yearning to cast on another already…maybe soon!

I found the pattern for this blanket on ravelry and used 100% Peruvian Highland wool by Cascade Yarns in an assortment of colors but what I love about it is that you could really make so many different changes to it so easily; the size, the colors, the pattern of the stripes, they are all up to you! I can’t wait to wrap this blanket around our precious little one’s body as I find it to be the perfect weight to keep a little one snug and warn. Also the rows upon rows of garter stitch really make for a cushiony blanket, perfect for a wee one!

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