A Fabulous Fall Equinox


Yesterday we were honored to have our first rain of the season. I was surprised to wake up to the streets and grasses dampened by a night rain fall. The kids were ecstatic, and right away spotting hidden puddles around the back yard through the back window. I truly do relish in the change of seasons, the transformative powers it exudes is exactly what is needed after being in the same realm for too long. Summer brought me great peace and rest this year but too much of anything is never very good. I was really just starting to feel lazy and so unambitious. It was decidedly time for a motivational push and Autumn has brought me exactly what I was in search of. I’ve now been awakened and inspired and on top of it all I just cant wait to wrap myself up in warm woolens, knee high leather boots, and hot coffee in hand. My friends all think I’m a lil coocoo for craving cold weather, I guess it must be the Canadian in me.

Today however, not a single rain cloud was in sight and the skies were full of sunshine and warmth. So we decided what better way to welcome Autumn than to go apple picking. In plus we had already gone through all the ones gathered from Onawa’s birthday party and not a single pie or crumble had been made. Only applesauce…lots of applesauce mind you but a pie or two is surely needed in our house before we move on to pumpkin picking! How did you celebrate the first day of fall this year?



IMG_2249 IMG_2253




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