a present for my grandma

Well, I promised I would share what became of my pile of Christmas yarn and now that my presents are all done I thought it might be time to post! We’ll start with my sweet Grandma. This pattern isn’t completely a first for me. It was one of my favourites on Ravelry when I first joined, but every time I tried it I would have to pay such close attention to the pattern that inevitably i’d mess it up and end up making my own patterns to make up for a mistake. Now, a whole year later I can finally hold this pattern in my head (it’s amazing the difference just a year can make) and could finally make my Grandma the washcloths I wanted to make her last year! Just for the record, instead of making these last year I made her a warm winter cowl so she wasn’t exactly deprived of a hand knit gift.

I do have to admit though, I didn’t make all of these myself! In fact I really only made the white one. Because we were making so many knitted gifts this year, Tristan pitched in on a couple of them so that they would actually get done in time for the holidays. This was one of the ones he helped with. I think that was nice for my Grandma though, getting a gift that was made by both of us.

The yarn we used was Blue Sky Skinny Dyed Organic Cotton. I love love love this yarn for washcloths. Using a washcloth made from a quality cotton is pure luxury. I had actually bought a bunch of skeins last year so I already had the colours I wanted to use for Grandma. Now there is just enough yarn for about 5 more cloths, which I will eventually make for us. The only sad part is that the store I bought this cotton from stopped purchasing it! I bought up as much as I could when it went on sale. Luckily this boxing day I found a replacement that I love as equally, and will post about that soon.

The pattern I used is by Debbie Andriulli, posted on her ‘homespun living’ blog here: http://homespunliving.blogspot.com/2007/11/waffle-knit-dishcloth-pattern.html My Ravelry link is here

I know dishcloths probably aren’t number one on anyone’s wishlist (except maybe mine) but I personally think they make such a great gift because washing with these cloths are so wonderful, and who doesn’t need a little spice in their everyday chores?  – Jenna

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