April is an artist, wife and mother.
Jenna is a professional photographer, wife and godmother.

We both love to make things, and share what we make with one another, and others.

A bit about how my comadre got started :

April and I have been friends since our first week of university. We lived on the same floor in our residence and on one of the first few days living there I walked past her room and spotted a painting she had made of ballet slippers. I started talking to her instantly as I had been dancing quite a bit in my last few years of high school. (Definitely not a dancer now, but there are some nice memories!) This was true for April as well. We became friends right away and though what we talk about has changed, our friendship has remained strong since. Looking back I think it’s funny that we bonded over a painting, seeing as how art is such a huge part of our friendship and individual lives. I had no idea that I’d be a photographer at the time, and we had no idea where our lives were actually going to take us. I can say that we did daydream together quite a bit. There were times where we expected to end up together in Australia, surfing and making anklets. After a while though it became obvious that April wanted to end up in California and I in BC, and that is where we are now. (For the record, April did become a surfer)

One wonderful surprise about our lives was our husbands. I can’t believe we ended up so lucky. I loved Sal (April’s husband) the minute I met him, and it should go without saying that i’m over the moon with my husband. April and Sal were married in Mexico in 2007, and Tristan and I in 2009. We were each bridesmaids in each other’s weddings. In April 2009 our little Owen was born. I say ‘our’ because last fall April and Sal asked us to be Owen’s Godparents, and our answer was a very excited yes! But really, he is April’s baby. Sal being spanish told us to look up Comadre / Compadre on wikipedia. They are words that refer to the relationship between the parents and god parents of a child, aka co-parent. In english we don’t use a term for this relationship and so I was very excited to learn that there was a name for it in spanish. It is wonderful to be able to call Owen my godson, and I love having a special name for my relationship with his mother!

Like I mentioned briefly, April and I have kept our friendship over the years regardless of the changes that have happened between starting university to starting families. Somehow we always seem to be on a similar page, and so our interests and discussions have changed along with us. It finally dawned on us that creating a blog to post our ideas, patterns and recipes etc. would be a great way to categorize everything we’re learning. And so we created My Comadre.

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