and it’s over

Christmas day has come and gone. Decorations have been put away, the holiday tree taken down, and rooms rearanged to make room for new toys. Now we try to settle into a new routine, somewhat stuggling to find what exactly that is with still a house full of visitors and knowing I will soon again have to return to work. But one thing we all look forward to is the light, and the opening and warmth of spring.

This being our second Christmas celebrated together as a family of three, shared again with my parents, and this time also with my sister and her kids I felt it was difficult to keep things simple. It was nice however to share with everyone some of our holiday traditions we have started. I look forward to the family traditions we will build upon year after year as our family grows. Next year I am hoping to keep it even more simple and with Owen being a year older I am hoping he will be better able to apart of the handmade aspect of our Christmas.

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas filled with light and joy. With the new year coming soon what are some things you and your family are looking to change if any? I really love the feeling of a new year and the feeling of a fresh new start. We have decided this is our year to really make a difference and try to be a greener, more environmentally conscience family. So new years eve we look forward to sitting down and each making a list of the things we feel are most wasteful or harmful to the Earth and we will chose which we can realistically give up and which ones we can make a change to, to help minamize our inpact here on this Earth. More on that later!


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  1. I love this! Merry Christmas… back to the beach! Owen looks so cute in his nino hat!!! And I love your idea for new years eve. It would be a good thing to do each year. My first thought is to finally make reusable bulk food bags for grocery shopping.

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