another hat for babe

So since the last hat I knit I haven’t knit any more (hats that is!) for this fall babe of ours. Instead I’ve been busy knitting hats for other friends that are expect their little ones before us. Now that I’ve gotten all that knitting out of the way my needles were finally cleared for another hat for our very own bundle of joy. I found this yarn sitting around in my stash and thought it was just so soft and lovely for a newborns head and new right away it just had to be knitted into a tiny hat. I don’t know anything about the yarn as it was given to me with a book about knitting and they didn’t provide any information on the yarn or if they did I have far lost that information by now! I didn’t use a pattern, I never really do with hats but if your interested I used US 9 circular needles, cast on 48, then simply knit, knit, knit till I thought the size looked about right for a little new ones head (about 20 rows). To decrease I knit one, knit 2 together for one row then knit 2 together for the rest of the rows till I only had 2 stitches left and then pulled the yarn tail through those and back into the hat. Easy peasie! Now that this hat is off the needles I’ve already started another! I just love knitting baby hats!! So simple and way too adorable on little ones.

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