BC Apples

As soon as I heard about April’s apple picking trip I was inspired to do the same. I had been so looking forward to cooking with pumpkins that I forgot about apples! The perfect opportunity came on our way back home from a recent wedding in Kelowna. We were traveling with our friends Andrea and Lana (it was Andrea’s brothers wedding) and I begged them to go apple picking. They weren’t hard to convince, except that on the day we drove home it was pretty rainy and none of us were really feeling up to it. We decided we’d wait and try and find a place on the island and carry on to a wine tasting instead (priorities). But on our way to Quails Gate, we found a fruit stand at the side of the road selling freshly picked apples! I was beyond ecstatic.

True we didn’t get to pick the apples ourselves, but there were no kids with us so I didn’t feel that bad. I was/am just so excited to bake and cook with them and finding them at the side of the road was clearly more exciting than in the store.

In the end each couple chose a box of royal gala’s, my favourite kind. In case you’re worried, we still made it to the winery safe and sound. Tristan took these photos of myself and the apples. – Jenna

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