belly casting

Today my friend Sydney came over to cast my pregnant belly. She also helped cast my belly last time when I was pregnant with Owen. When casting my belly last time, Jenna was there to help us, as well as the boys (Tristan and Sal) to keep us company and take pictures. This time however Jenna nor the boys could be there and so it was just Owen, Sydney and I. Again I found it to be a great experience and a time to slow down and think about this new baby’s arrival. Owen had a great time watching the whole process, giving the baby tons of kisses and showing the baby his dinosaurs. He was also very curious about the plaster itself, we will surely have to do a plaster art project at some point soon. From watching the whole process I think he finally understands what the cast hanging on our wall of him is all about. It’s great to see things come full circle.

Sydney did a fantastic job of wrapping my belly in plaster and I actually found it took less time than when we casted my belly last time, maybe because we didn’t have the boys around to distract us! I did find however that waiting for the cast to dry felt a lot more uncomfortable this time, as did the process of taking the cast off, so possibly we did not use enough vaseline. All I know is that I am happy with the outcome and can’t wait to paint on to this cast and hang it up next to my other pregnant belly. Thanks Syd for helping cast my belly!

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