better together

Time; how we spend it is up to us and what a precious thing time is. As of late I have chosen to spend my time trying to just be with my son. This pregnancy has made me feel a bit guilty for bringing another child into the picture. Even though I know how overjoyed we all will be to welcome this new love into our lives I can’t help but think about how I will now have to share my time with another and share my love with another. I give Owen so much of myself and I am afraid I won’t be able to give him as much as I do now especially in the first few months after the baby is born . To heal these feelings I have had to slow down and focus on making the bond we have now even stronger. Projects around the house have been put on hold and instead it has become a priority to simply focus on siting down and playing with my son. To just be in the moment with him rather than having five other things going on all while trying to be there for him. I’m finding it very peaceful and rewarding to be spending more time simply focusing on my son and not the million other projects I have going on around the house. We have been staying home a lot more and simply sitting around reading books, coloring together and just having fun being silly. I am loving this time alone with my son knowing that soon he will have to share me with another little one.

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