autumn equinox

Today is the first day of autumn and I celebrated by getting my lil guy something to add to our fall nature table.

I had been eyeing thisĀ book for a while now and once fall was nearing I just knew it would be the perfect addition to our nature table. The book doesn’t have any words, only images of autumn and so I was a bit worried he wouldn’t like the book as much as some of this other favorites but he is absolutely in love with it. He’s been grabbing it off the table all day and bringing it over, cuddling up to me and insisting to hear a story about the pictures in the book.

We also added a few gords and pumpkins to the nature table which Owen thinks is just great. I still haven’t gotten around to making a third gnome and I’m still having a hard time trying to find some natural wool to stuff them with, so for the time being they are stuffed with the insides of an old pillow.

I am so excited to welcome fall as it is one of my favorite seasons. I love the change in colors on the trees, the falling of leaves, the harvest of food and the cooler brisk air. What are your favorite things about fall and how did you celebrate the new season? – April


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