Onawa’s First Quilt

With Ema Onawa’s first birthday coming up, I figured we ought to blog the quilt that April, Tristan and I made her back when April was pregnant last summer. Quilting is such a great experience with friends, or in a group. This is the second quilt that I personally was apart of making (the first being one Tristan and I made for our anniversary) and I believe it was April’s first. (Right?) It’s so special to see it come together and know it was made with the love of 3 beings. That’s hardly any love compared to how much Onawa is actually loved, but it’s a good start.

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nina knits

Look at this knit covered beach bum, could there be anything cuter? I swiped these cell phone pics from April. The tunic she’s wearing is the Emma Tunic (fitting? Emma for Ema!) which I fell in love with the minute I discovered. The yarn I got at Knotty by Nature, my used-to-be local knitting store until they moved and broke my heart! Of course they are still local, just not AS local to me as they used to be. Anyhow I loved the gray and white yarn and bought a ton of skeins, using it for Onawa’s tunic and for Owen’s annual nina hat. The tunic turned out more shirt like than anything, so it could be knit a bit longer next time.. but at least it still fits? I died when I saw this photo of her on the beach, wearing the hat I made her in the fall too! The booties I believe are knit by her great grandma.

My tunic ravelry link here.

Rosa Hat)

For Owen I tried the hurricane hat. I actually made this one twice. The first hat seemed huge and fit Tristan’s head perfectly, so I couldn’t imagine it would fit Owen’s. So I cut down the stitches and tried again. Well it turns out that the one I made him just about fits Onawa instead! Luckily I have the first hat still which I mailed down today. Now the kids can be matching? I have no idea if they will like that. I bet Onawa would though, she seems pretty in love with her big brother!! (From what I can see online anyways – a sad nina living so far away)

Hurricane Ravelry link here

Obviously, I love these babies. I love knitting for them and they are such a big part of why i’m such an avid knitter to start. I hope they can look back one day on their piles of nina hats and small dresses and know just how much they are loved. – Jenna

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rain of leaves


Little  leaves, little leaves,
High up in the trees,
Little leaves, little leaves,
Swinging in the breeze.
Autumn comes along
And they change from red to brown
Winter comes along.
And they flutter to the ground.

Inspired by this little poem and our valentines painting activity I brought out our stack of coffee filters and started cutting them into the shapes of leaves. I then set out some fall water color paints for Owen on yogurt lids that I collect and keep for such activities and he was off painting.

Then as he would finish up painting leaves I would hang them up to dry on some yarn I had strung across our kitchen window and give him some more blank leaves to paint. Once completely dried we added some glue to the leaves and stuck them to our sliding glass door for all to enjoy.

This is the paper that was set under the leaves Owen was painting. Doesn’t it just look gorgeous?

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belly casting

Today my friend Sydney came over to cast my pregnant belly. She also helped cast my belly last time when I was pregnant with Owen. When casting my belly last time, Jenna was there to help us, as well as the boys (Tristan and Sal) to keep us company and take pictures. This time however Jenna nor the boys could be there and so it was just Owen, Sydney and I. Again I found it to be a great experience and a time to slow down and think about this new baby’s arrival. Owen had a great time watching the whole process, giving the baby tons of kisses and showing the baby his dinosaurs. He was also very curious about the plaster itself, we will surely have to do a plaster art project at some point soon. From watching the whole process I think he finally understands what the cast hanging on our wall of him is all about. It’s great to see things come full circle.

Sydney did a fantastic job of wrapping my belly in plaster and I actually found it took less time than when we casted my belly last time, maybe because we didn’t have the boys around to distract us! I did find however that waiting for the cast to dry felt a lot more uncomfortable this time, as did the process of taking the cast off, so possibly we did not use enough vaseline. All I know is that I am happy with the outcome and can’t wait to paint on to this cast and hang it up next to my other pregnant belly. Thanks Syd for helping cast my belly!

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petite fleurs

For the past month I’ve been buzzing with an erge to craft. Actually I’ve basically been in creative overload over the past month but since I was still tied down with work I was having a hard time getting all my creative energy out. I decided the best I could do till work was out was to write out all my ideas and at best make some quick sketches, and so I did. Last Wednesday was my last day of work and so I am suddenly welcomed by an abundance of free time to craft and make art which actually leaves me feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed. In fact I am now wanting to stay up all night long simply crafting away. I need to try and remind myself that I need sleep, to a) grow this baby and b) take care of my son who still wakes up fairly early. But I am trying to slow myself down and take things one step at a time.

Inspired by a baby pictured online wearing a flower in her hair I knew I just had to make some. I’ve never been interested in making baby accessories before but basically you give me felt and I’ll love the project no matter what. So for the last few days I have been obsessed with making these tiny flowers for babes. Pins, headbands, you name it and I’m creating it. I’ve only finished a handful so far but plan on making many more. Especially since they are so simple and fun to make. Best of all they make great gifts. Now I’ve just got to find myself a little model to show them off.


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glue batik for a new babe

Inspired again by the blog The Artful Parent I made these adorable little onesies. I’ve always had such a hard time finding cute baby onesies that don’t cost a fortune, because lets face it they outgrow them faster than you can blink and more than half of them are faced with blow outs. So to make these I picked up a few white onsies from the consignment shop, a bottle of Elmer’s blue gel glue, and used some acrylic paints I already had on hand. This is such an easy and fun project that you can even get older kids to take part in. Owen unfortunately is too little to take part in this art project but he did have fun simply watching me do it and watching them hang to dry outside.  First you begin by drawing on to your fabric using the Elmer’s blue gel glue, let dry, then paint with watered down acrylics, let dry, soak in hot water to remove the glue, and dry once again. It requires waiting time so I did the whole process over the course of three days, but it is very easy. I can’t wait to make some more for Owen, I’ve just been having a hard time finding plain white shirts his size, any suggestions?

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paper hearts

Inspired by the blog The Artful Parent written by Jean, a mama of two young girls whom I just love to read her blog. Reading her blog helps me find new and creative ways to incorperate art into my life now as a mama of a young toddler. Art has always been a large part of my life and once our lil’ Kai entered our lives I was excited and certain that bringing art into his life would be seemless and enjoyable. However, it has shown itself to be a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. I started art projects with Owen at an early age, letting him explore with finger paints, or simply having him exposed to watching his mama painting, felting or whatever else I seemed in the mood for. Unfortunately he never demonstrated a huge interest in any of these activities, leaving this artsy mama a bit sad that maybe she would not be able to share this passion of hers with her son. This past weekend however when introducing this water color project he was thrilled and ended up painting at least 10 of these coffee filter hearts. Even after painting to his hearts content and deciding to go outside for some play time with our bunny’s he came back inside not too long after and asked for more painting! I couldn’t have been happier to see my lil’ Kai so excited about art. Anyway, enough of my rambling, and back to the art project itself. You will need coffee filters, scissors, brushes and water colors. I first cut out the hearts from the coffee filters by folding them in half as our lil guy is not yet old enough to take part in this activity. I then set out 3 different colors of paint along with 3 large natural bristle paintbrushes. I covered up his little table with some paper and we were off. The first minute or two he spent exploring the tools and not doing any actual painting but as soon as I started making my own heart right next to him he was off. This was most definitely a successful and toddler friendly art project. The water colors were easy to clean up after and the hearts made a great decoration for our glass door. I think they would also make great homemade valentines or cards for any occasion.

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