no-knead bread round two

As promised, I attempted to make the no knead bread yet again. This time I used all spelt flour, and half a teaspoon of active dry yeast as opposed to a quarter of a teaspoon. The dough was so pretty and smelt so great. The actual bread? Well that came out looking a little crispy. Next time I think I won’t bake the bread for as long after the cover is removed. I’ve been doing that for 15 minutes as suggested but I’m guessing my oven might be a bit hotter than 500 degrees. I also don’t have the proper pot for baking this in, so the bread seems to spread out a bit wider than I’d like it. I will have to go in search of a good bread making pot and see if it doesn’t help the bread rise a bit more instead of spreading.

As for the taste? Delicious! The rye version from last night was so tasty and worked perfectly with all the cheese that everyone brought! Like today’s loaf, it was a bit crispy on the outside and we were all joking about the brick of a loaf I had brought… but to my delight the inside was fluffy and soft. I will definitely be making this bread a lot and hopefully with the right baking device i’ll finally get the shape i’m looking for!

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no-knead bread

Recently while searching for the perfect sweater pattern (i’ve decided to knit my first sweater) I found Elly’s blog. She recently posted bread that she had made using Jim Lahey’s no-knead bread recipe. No Knead? Sounds good enough to me! I decided to try making it yesterday only to realize you need to leave the dough for 10-8 hours, so I waited until the evening and threw together the dough and left it overnight. This afternoon I went through the rest of the steps and made a beautiful loaf using half rye and half regular flour. As you may already know Victoria is a rainy city and some days are not the brightest. By the time the bread was out of the oven it was so dark I could barely take any pictures. After holding my breath and using a painfully slow shutter, I bring you my first no-knead loaf. Listening to the advice on Elly’s blog, I watched this video to help me through the process, not that it was too hard. I didn’t have any bran or cornmeal on hand which they suggest using, so instead I covered my dough with seven-grain. I’d love to tell you that it tastes delicious but I have yet to taste the loaf! I’m taking it with me to a ‘bring your own cheese and wine night’. The host is a bread expert so i’m hoping for some future bread making advice. Fingers crossed that there won’t be much of this loaf left after the evening, so i’ll be starting up another batch of dough tonight to bake again tomorrow!

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january bread

The first two loaves of bread we made got gobbled up before I could photograph them, but I did manage to get some pictures of this third and delicious loaf. My favourite way to enjoy it – covered in olive oil. I am so excited about the many more to come!

My first post about making this bread and the link to the recipe:

– Jenna

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happy 2011!

The beginning of the year usually looks the same for Tristan and I. We go for breakfast or to a coffee shop and list off the things we want to do in the new year. Normally this is business related. This year, for some reason we didn’t end up at any coffee shop or breakfast restaurant. We watered our friends plants and came back home to our still decorated apartment for the rest of the evening. Instead we knit, read, napped and cooked together.

When I woke up new years morning I thought to myself, I want to do all of the things today that I want to do in the new year. That list included knitting, sewing, weaving, cooking, yoga and reading all while spending quality time with my husband. Photography is a no brainer for us so it doesn’t get put on the must do list, it gets done list or no list. So anyhow, I clearly didn’t finish this entire list of to do’s, but that is okay. We did enough of them that I feel good about how we rung in the new year. And there is plenty of time left in January. Including today!

Today we continued on that list. I’ve been knitting, Tristan has been sewing, and in between it all we have started our first loaf of bread in our new bread machine. We got the bread machine in the fall eager as anything to bake with it but haven’t touched it. (That or the pasta machine we bought around the same time) Finally today we decided it was a good time to give it a whirl and it’s bouncing around in the kitchen now as I write. It’s dark already so i’ll have to make another one some morning so I can photograph it.

What I can show you is the recipe! For Tristan’s birthday my parents bought him Tartine Bread, a book we can’t wait to experiment more with. But there are no machine recipes in there so we were searching around google aimlessly until I remembered that there was a WHO Bread Machine recipe over on the Soulemama blog, one which April introduced me too and we both love. Since we have been stocking up on bread ingredients for months now we luckily had everything in the cupboard and so WHO Bread it is! If you’d like it please head over to this link to see Amanda’s tutorial. She also has a recipe for the same bread without the bread machine, here.

What is really fun for us is that we also had an excuse to use the anniversary present that our wonderful friends Justin Jaimie and baby Layla gave to us… a big beautiful blank hardcover notebook to keep recipes in! So Soulemama, thanks for our first bread of the year, and the first recipe in our book!

Happy new year everyone! I hope you can start it off doing the things you love!
– Jenna

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