nina knits

Look at this knit covered beach bum, could there be anything cuter? I swiped these cell phone pics from April. The tunic she’s wearing is the Emma Tunic (fitting? Emma for Ema!) which I fell in love with the minute I discovered. The yarn I got at Knotty by Nature, my used-to-be local knitting store until they moved and broke my heart! Of course they are still local, just not AS local to me as they used to be. Anyhow I loved the gray and white yarn and bought a ton of skeins, using it for Onawa’s tunic and for Owen’s annual nina hat. The tunic turned out more shirt like than anything, so it could be knit a bit longer next time.. but at least it still fits? I died when I saw this photo of her on the beach, wearing the hat I made her in the fall too! The booties I believe are knit by her great grandma.

My tunic ravelry link here.

Rosa Hat)

For Owen I tried the hurricane hat. I actually made this one twice. The first hat seemed huge and fit Tristan’s head perfectly, so I couldn’t imagine it would fit Owen’s. So I cut down the stitches and tried again. Well it turns out that the one I made him just about fits Onawa instead! Luckily I have the first hat still which I mailed down today. Now the kids can be matching? I have no idea if they will like that. I bet Onawa would though, she seems pretty in love with her big brother!! (From what I can see online anyways – a sad nina living so far away)

Hurricane Ravelry link here

Obviously, I love these babies. I love knitting for them and they are such a big part of why i’m such an avid knitter to start. I hope they can look back one day on their piles of nina hats and small dresses and know just how much they are loved. – Jenna

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Christmas in Victoria

(This beautiful needle felted stocking was made for us by April!! April we love them!)

Spending Christmas in Victoria meant I could soak up every second of holiday while working away in my living room. Crafting this year was like a full time job! I started in November and worked away on knits and quilts almost every single day. It was perfect and so lovely. I was a bit in denial about taking down our tree a couple weeks ago, but we ripped the bandaid and now i’m happy to have that extra bit of space back. Still knitting though, as it is winter after all! I know it’s late, but Merry Christmas! All the gifts to come! – Jenna

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paper hearts

Inspired by the blog The Artful Parent written by Jean, a mama of two young girls whom I just love to read her blog. Reading her blog helps me find new and creative ways to incorperate art into my life now as a mama of a young toddler. Art has always been a large part of my life and once our lil’ Kai entered our lives I was excited and certain that bringing art into his life would be seemless and enjoyable. However, it has shown itself to be a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. I started art projects with Owen at an early age, letting him explore with finger paints, or simply having him exposed to watching his mama painting, felting or whatever else I seemed in the mood for. Unfortunately he never demonstrated a huge interest in any of these activities, leaving this artsy mama a bit sad that maybe she would not be able to share this passion of hers with her son. This past weekend however when introducing this water color project he was thrilled and ended up painting at least 10 of these coffee filter hearts. Even after painting to his hearts content and deciding to go outside for some play time with our bunny’s he came back inside not too long after and asked for more painting! I couldn’t have been happier to see my lil’ Kai so excited about art. Anyway, enough of my rambling, and back to the art project itself. You will need coffee filters, scissors, brushes and water colors. I first cut out the hearts from the coffee filters by folding them in half as our lil guy is not yet old enough to take part in this activity. I then set out 3 different colors of paint along with 3 large natural bristle paintbrushes. I covered up his little table with some paper and we were off. The first minute or two he spent exploring the tools and not doing any actual painting but as soon as I started making my own heart right next to him he was off. This was most definitely a successful and toddler friendly art project. The water colors were easy to clean up after and the hearts made a great decoration for our glass door. I think they would also make great homemade valentines or cards for any occasion.

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