Owen’s garden

Spring is soon on its way and so I was inspired to start up a little garden with our little Kai that we could later transplant into the outside garden. Owen was so excited about this project, mostly because it involved water, but I’m sure once flowers begin to bloom he will be excited about that as well. We chose to plant sunflower seeds, daisy’s, and strawberries. So far the strawberries have not grown at all but somehow they keep soaking up all the water. Every morning when we go check the plants the two strawberry pots are completely dry but the daisy and sunflower pots are still moist and growing rapidly. Hopefully the strawberry seeds we got weren’t bad. I just love the feeling of springs arrival, the sweet sound of spring birds in the air, beautiful blossoms upon trees, and the return of warm summers air. All of this always gets me excited about getting my hands deep in to cool soil to plant a new years arrangement of flowers, herbs and veggies. Last year we did not have enough sun coming into our yard so most of the things we planted did not make it very long. This year however we are planning on re-modeling the back fence in hopes that this will let in more sunshine for our garden. I am really excited about the thoughts of having a large bright and delicious garden which we could eat from. Here’s hoping!

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