pixies and bonnets

I can’t stop knitting these. Honestly. How cute are pixie hats and baby bonnets. After knitting a bunch of toques and then rosa hats and then cabled hats, I guess I was just in need of a new baby hat shape to work on. I had no idea I cared so much! April asked me to knit Onawa a pixie hat and obviously I was excited for a new project for our baby girl down in California. Knitting is my way of sending them a piece of us. I knew I would make it purple, because I wanted it to match the new doll that April made her ( and i’m hoping will blog for us! ) which is also wearing a purple pixie! I knew though, that I didn’t want to make the same pixie hat that everyone seems to make. Luckily, I remembered my sweet Tristan had bought me the book “Vintage knits for modern babies” for christmas!! By the way Tristan, spot on. So happily I whipped up a purple ‘vintage pixie cap’ and before you know it i’m making 4 more, and not long after that i’m making modern baby bonnets too. Why make one when you can knit a bunch?

Ravelry link for the pixies / Ravelry link for the bonnets


Sunny helped model them for me, until I had seen any real babies in them… like sweet Callum in his bonnet that we mailed him. Thanks Tim and Karen for sending me a picture of him! And Onawa for starting me on this trend!

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nina knits

Look at this knit covered beach bum, could there be anything cuter? I swiped these cell phone pics from April. The tunic she’s wearing is the Emma Tunic (fitting? Emma for Ema!) which I fell in love with the minute I discovered. The yarn I got at Knotty by Nature, my used-to-be local knitting store until they moved and broke my heart! Of course they are still local, just not AS local to me as they used to be. Anyhow I loved the gray and white yarn and bought a ton of skeins, using it for Onawa’s tunic and for Owen’s annual nina hat. The tunic turned out more shirt like than anything, so it could be knit a bit longer next time.. but at least it still fits? I died when I saw this photo of her on the beach, wearing the hat I made her in the fall too! The booties I believe are knit by her great grandma.

My tunic ravelry link here.

Rosa Hat)

For Owen I tried the hurricane hat. I actually made this one twice. The first hat seemed huge and fit Tristan’s head perfectly, so I couldn’t imagine it would fit Owen’s. So I cut down the stitches and tried again. Well it turns out that the one I made him just about fits Onawa instead! Luckily I have the first hat still which I mailed down today. Now the kids can be matching? I have no idea if they will like that. I bet Onawa would though, she seems pretty in love with her big brother!! (From what I can see online anyways – a sad nina living so far away)

Hurricane Ravelry link here

Obviously, I love these babies. I love knitting for them and they are such a big part of why i’m such an avid knitter to start. I hope they can look back one day on their piles of nina hats and small dresses and know just how much they are loved. – Jenna

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cozy feet

I first saw these booties on Soule Mama and soon after found the pattern on ravelry. I thought they would be the perfect knit for this new baby of ours. Every little newborn needs cozy warm feet and it was time for me to learn how to knit some booties! Since I had never before knitted booties I was feeling a bit nervous that I wouldn’t be able to pull this off. They looked pretty hard to knit since they were just so cute and not that simple looking. However, I did find them under the search “easy baby knits” at one point and told myself then and there that if I really put my mind to it I could knit anything. So my attitude going into this was to just go for it, not to hold back and not to be overly causous either because sometimes that is what causes me to stop and give up when it comes to a new pattern because I simply get overwhelmed thinking it is too hard and that I can’t do it, when really I never even give myself the change to really try in the first place.

I was so excited about making these little booties that I got started in quite the hurry. I stared into my basket of yarn and chose my favorite yarn, then my favorite needles, not paying any attention to following any sort of gauge. I soon discovered these booties would not be fitting my newborn baby any time soon but kept on knitting as I thought they would look equally adorable on my Kai. In plus I just couldn’t stop knitting these things. It became such an easy knit and I was having so much fun learning all sorts of new techniques I had never used before. Four hours later I had one complete bootie; well not counting the straps. The straps are actually very challenging. I ended up taking them in to my local knitting shop to get some help and even she said the pattern was quite confusing when it came to the straps.

Despite the challenge and frustration of finishing the straps I thoroughly enjoying making these booties and can’t wait to get started on my next pair. Which will hopefully fit a newborn! My due date is actually in two weeks now so not too sure if I will be able to complete them before this baby arrives but one day I will master newborn size booties, I will! As for now our little Kai has toasty feet and how adorable will it be for him to have matching booties with his little brother or sister!!

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a blanket for babe

Finally, this blanket is done! It’s truly a bit embarrassing to admit how long ago this blanket was first cast on to the knitting needles but as easy as this blanket is, it certainly isn’t the fastest to knit. Unless you have oodles of time to simply sit and knit that is. I did try to make it a priority to at least knit a row or two a day but with that sort of rate it takes a long time indeed to finnish this project. None the less I did love this project. It was great to always have a constant easy knitting project to come back to. Something I could work on in the middle of chaos and not have to really think about what row I was on or if there was an increase or slip to make. Nothing but garter stitch row after row and that I found to be very zen; a great way to come back to mindfulness. I loved the simplicity and consistency of this blanket so much that I am yearning to cast on another already…maybe soon!

I found the pattern for this blanket on ravelry and used 100% Peruvian Highland wool by Cascade Yarns in an assortment of colors but what I love about it is that you could really make so many different changes to it so easily; the size, the colors, the pattern of the stripes, they are all up to you! I can’t wait to wrap this blanket around our precious little one’s body as I find it to be the perfect weight to keep a little one snug and warn. Also the rows upon rows of garter stitch really make for a cushiony blanket, perfect for a wee one!

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another hat for babe

So since the last hat I knit I haven’t knit any more (hats that is!) for this fall babe of ours. Instead I’ve been busy knitting hats for other friends that are expect their little ones before us. Now that I’ve gotten all that knitting out of the way my needles were finally cleared for another hat for our very own bundle of joy. I found this yarn sitting around in my stash and thought it was just so soft and lovely for a newborns head and new right away it just had to be knitted into a tiny hat. I don’t know anything about the yarn as it was given to me with a book about knitting and they didn’t provide any information on the yarn or if they did I have far lost that information by now! I didn’t use a pattern, I never really do with hats but if your interested I used US 9 circular needles, cast on 48, then simply knit, knit, knit till I thought the size looked about right for a little new ones head (about 20 rows). To decrease I knit one, knit 2 together for one row then knit 2 together for the rest of the rows till I only had 2 stitches left and then pulled the yarn tail through those and back into the hat. Easy peasie! Now that this hat is off the needles I’ve already started another! I just love knitting baby hats!! So simple and way too adorable on little ones.

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to keep you warm

I’ve finally knitted my first item for baby, a tiny baby hat. Although it did end up smaller than I anticipated and given how large Owen’s head was I’m guessing this baby’s head won’t be any smaller, if anything it will only be larger! …Oh my! I even cast on an extra 10 stitches because when I started the hat with the original 28 I soon noticed that the hat would be better fitted for a mouse than any newborn of mine so I assumed that 38 stitches would be plenty more. As the last time I added stitches to a pattern for fear of it being too small it ended up fitting my head and not Owen’s, who’s head it was intended for! Anyway, I love how the hat turned out, and I am now in love with knitting with bulky yarn and large needles. Its fast and looks absolutely great! I can’t wait to knit a bunch more of these hats in all sorts of colors since I know a lot of pregnant mamas right now. I’d also love to learn how to make some matching booties with these. Jenna I think this means you need to help me!! You knitting bee you!

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