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made by nina


Well it’s winter and yes even though we live in California it is time for woolens and family time by the fire. So we were so happy when we received a gift by mail from our Compadres. Onawa received a beautiful sweater from Nina (Jenna) and she just adores it!



Owen received these cute grey knit gloves from Nino (Tristan) and I personally cannot get over just how precious these look on him. They will be perfect for riding his bike on cold, foggy days. Thank you so much Compadres for these beautifully hand-made gifts!



Owen also got the gift of warmth from his Nina. Gorgeous new gloves to keep his little hands warm while playing outside.
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nina knits

Look at this knit covered beach bum, could there be anything cuter? I swiped these cell phone pics from April. The tunic she’s wearing is the Emma Tunic (fitting? Emma for Ema!) which I fell in love with the minute I discovered. The yarn I got at Knotty by Nature, my used-to-be local knitting store until they moved and broke my heart! Of course they are still local, just not AS local to me as they used to be. Anyhow I loved the gray and white yarn and bought a ton of skeins, using it for Onawa’s tunic and for Owen’s annual nina hat. The tunic turned out more shirt like than anything, so it could be knit a bit longer next time.. but at least it still fits? I died when I saw this photo of her on the beach, wearing the hat I made her in the fall too! The booties I believe are knit by her great grandma.

My tunic ravelry link here.

Rosa Hat)

For Owen I tried the hurricane hat. I actually made this one twice. The first hat seemed huge and fit Tristan’s head perfectly, so I couldn’t imagine it would fit Owen’s. So I cut down the stitches and tried again. Well it turns out that the one I made him just about fits Onawa instead! Luckily I have the first hat still which I mailed down today. Now the kids can be matching? I have no idea if they will like that. I bet Onawa would though, she seems pretty in love with her big brother!! (From what I can see online anyways – a sad nina living so far away)

Hurricane Ravelry link here

Obviously, I love these babies. I love knitting for them and they are such a big part of why i’m such an avid knitter to start. I hope they can look back one day on their piles of nina hats and small dresses and know just how much they are loved. – Jenna

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cozy feet

I first saw these booties on Soule Mama and soon after found the pattern on ravelry. I thought they would be the perfect knit for this new baby of ours. Every little newborn needs cozy warm feet and it was time for me to learn how to knit some booties! Since I had never before knitted booties I was feeling a bit nervous that I wouldn’t be able to pull this off. They looked pretty hard to knit since they were just so cute and not that simple looking. However, I did find them under the search “easy baby knits” at one point and told myself then and there that if I really put my mind to it I could knit anything. So my attitude going into this was to just go for it, not to hold back and not to be overly causous either because sometimes that is what causes me to stop and give up when it comes to a new pattern because I simply get overwhelmed thinking it is too hard and that I can’t do it, when really I never even give myself the change to really try in the first place.

I was so excited about making these little booties that I got started in quite the hurry. I stared into my basket of yarn and chose my favorite yarn, then my favorite needles, not paying any attention to following any sort of gauge. I soon discovered these booties would not be fitting my newborn baby any time soon but kept on knitting as I thought they would look equally adorable on my Kai. In plus I just couldn’t stop knitting these things. It became such an easy knit and I was having so much fun learning all sorts of new techniques I had never used before. Four hours later I had one complete bootie; well not counting the straps. The straps are actually very challenging. I ended up taking them in to my local knitting shop to get some help and even she said the pattern was quite confusing when it came to the straps.

Despite the challenge and frustration of finishing the straps I thoroughly enjoying making these booties and can’t wait to get started on my next pair. Which will hopefully fit a newborn! My due date is actually in two weeks now so not too sure if I will be able to complete them before this baby arrives but one day I will master newborn size booties, I will! As for now our little Kai has toasty feet and how adorable will it be for him to have matching booties with his little brother or sister!!

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fresh off the needles

Before I embark on a whole new set of projects, I thought I should post a few of the ones I just completed. I still have to share the rest of my christmas gifts which I finally can now that they are all given out… and yes it took me a while to do that! This big lace scarf was hard for me to ignore once I realized I had the right wool in my stash. I kept reading about how fast it was for everyone but I found it just the opposite. Maybe it was because it was my first time lace knitting or because big needles are kind of awkward, but it took me maybe double the time suggested. Once I got to the end I felt like the scarf was just too small in length so I ripped it out and started over with 14 stitches. Now I like it much better and i’m hoping someone else out there will too ; )

I also fell in love with Soulemama’s recent pattern, “The Rosa Hat”. I love the idea of fake cables so I used this azapa from araucania and knit up a tiny newborn hat. The pattern is for adults and kids so I just guessed (based on my gauge) and cast on 60 stitches and only did 3 rounds of the rosa. This is the first hat I’ve officially finished for my baby pile. The whole reason I started knitting was to make clothes for my own kids ahead of time and have been so busy gifting that i’ve never gotten around to starting. I love how little and cute this hat is and will definitely be making more baby rosa’s. Actually, i’ve already cast on for another since. P.S. no i’m not pregnant.

For another ‘first’, I decided to knit myself a hat using the malabrigo worsted I found downstairs in Knotty by Nature and just couldn’t resist. I think i’ve since bought two more skeins of this colour just because i’m afraid of them running out of stock! The pattern I used is Jane Richmond’s “Autumn”. She is actually a local designer from the island which is pretty cool. This hat is supposed to be made with a chunkier yarn, so again I knit up a swatch and decided to go with 88 stitches. I also mixed up the rib and knit 2×2 instead of the actual pattern.. I guess I was reading too quickly. After the rib was done I also just added one stitch using the backwards loop method, so that I could just knit one purl one continuously. I did love how she cast off for this hat and I think it finished nicely. I made it with the intention of wearing it this week while we’re in Whistler.

And lastly, a pair of mens fingerless mitts for my friend Huy who just moved to the pacific northwest, and will be needing some working gloves.. at least I hope he needs them. Technically these were his Christmas gift but again it took me so long that it seemed more like a birthday present i’m sure. For these I used the earth collection homestead from diamond yarns which I also got from Knotty by Nature. I’ve a few more projects on the go and just got home with a purse full of freshly wound balls of yarn to work on this week, so more to come as always!! : ) My ravelry project page can be found here.

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knitting for two

I want to share with you the beautiful new skeins of wool I accquirired this past weekend to finish off the super easy baby blanket I’ve been working on. I just love the new colors I got! They are 100% Peruvian Highland wool by Cascade Yarns in Seattle, WA. I really don’t think the photograph I took captures the true colors of the yarn but that’s probably because I took this in the early morning with the sun shinning in on them (Jenna my love this is where you come in!). And why may I be knitting a baby blanket you ask? Nope, not for Owen, this blanket would be much too small for him. We actually will be welcoming the fourth member to our family come this September! Hence why I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks as this pregnancy has been a lot harder on me than my last so far. I’ve basically spent the last few weeks sleeping, but in the last couple days I’ve regained a bit of energy and I’m definitely getting exciting about knitting our new little one some warm, cozy, handmade gifts.

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twin button hats

A lot of people in my family knit. My grandmas were both knitters, my husband knits, his parents both knit.. and my mom knits. I didn’t pick up knitting until my first year of photo school, right before the winter holidays. With help from my mom it became my Christmas hobby. That was the same year Tristan and I fell in love, and so on Christmas day I spent the entire day knitting him a ‘Christmas Day Scarf’. Don’t worry, I still spent the day with my family, and my 10 year old god-brother sat next to me for a lot of it admiring the length and encouraging me as I went. I have continued to knit scarves every holiday season since. Finally last year I decided it was time to learn something new, beyond the scarf. So I started with hats for my cousin’s twins.

I personally am really drawn to the simplicity of knitting. I like when knits and purls are used in simple patterns and so I had a hard time finding a basic beginner toddler hat pattern. So as April mentioned in her post about knitting for Owen, I used videos and links to guide me, and came up with these hats. This is the video I used here and the sizing chart I used is here. I’m going to post the pattern for you regardless and decoded (for you Ape!) so it is easy for the beginner.

The beige hat was the first one I made and it was not without frustration. It was my first time using circular needles and I probably threw them across the room eight times before I got it right. I think the difficult part was Tristan sitting next to me whipping up a hat like it was nothing. Watching him knit with ease helped keep me determined though, and I stayed up past him until four in the morning until I could finally get a hat on the go. The next morning I ripped out what I had done once more and then finally my hat got started. I call this hat my fighter hat, and I gave that one to Sidney because he had to fight a bit at the beginning, being in the hospital a little longer than William. Regardless, both hats were a big deal for me at the time.

If you’re trying to adapt this hat for different yarn or a different size child or adult, use this chart to help you : and make a gauge with your yarn and needles to find out how many stitches you need to cast on. For example I was guessing that the twins had an 18 inch head circumference, and when I knit a square with this yarn and my size 9 needles I found that I knit 4 stitches per inch. So I multiplied 4×18 to get 72 stitches! Just make sure you are casting on for an even amount of stitches, if you want to make a ribbed brim. If you have an odd number of stitches, the brim of your hat will become a seed stitch. Another brim that is really nice is a 2×2 rib. Instead of doing knit 1 purl 1 like I did for these, you could do knit 2 purl 2 and it makes a bit of a more snug brim.

At the end of the pattern, Instead of me trying to describe how to decrease to you, have a look at the knit picks video that April and I mentioned earlier. It was so helpful to me! Again it is here :

If you have any other knitting problems in general, I would check out It is my new favourite site for knitting videos and how to’s!!

My Pattern – Toddler size!
I skein of each colour makes two hats
Size 9 circular needles
2 wooden buttons per hat

I used Spud and Chloe’s ‘Sweater’ – a worsted weight yarn made of superwash 55% wool and 45% organic cotton – in the colours chipmunk and toast

Cast on 72 Stitches
Join in the round and place a marker at the beginning of your row

Brim of hat
Rows 1-7= Knit 1, Purl 1
Row 8 = Knit
Row 9 &10 = Knit with Contrasting Colour
Row 11 = Change back to the main colour and knit

Continue to knit until hat reaches 5 1/2 inches in height from the cast on row.

Place a stitch marker after every 8th stitch on your needle. You can use scrap pieces of yarn for this if you don’t have markers, it’s all the same!

First Decrease Row = Knit until there are two stitches left before the marker, and then knit those two stitches together. Continue this for the whole row.

Continue this pattern (knitting stitches until two before the marker, and then knit the last two together) until there is only one stitch between each marker.

Cut the working yarn a yard away from the hat so you have room to work with it. Pull the working yarn through the remaining stitches, and sew the tail into the inside of the hat.

Use a darning needle to sew in the two buttons wherever on the brim you think would be the cutest.. sew in all the yarn tails and you’re done!

Ravelry Link Here

Hope you enjoy these hats or are at least inspired to make up your own! – Jenna

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knitting for kai

Knitting is a craft I only recently started and with my lil munchkin running around its been slow going. None the less I still find the time every day to knit a little here and there, even if that means only getting a few rows done at a time. Knitting has become such a love affair for me. I step foot into a knitting store and I could be there for hours simply touching and gazing at all the beautiful yarns. I even have day dreams of owning my own farm one day raising sheep or alpacas so to be able to spin and dye my very own yarn….maybe one day, only time will tell! With fall on its way I decided to start a new project form my lil one. He really loves hats and I was feeling ready to take on a new project that I had never tried before. I was however feeling quite intimidated to begin this project as I have a hard time reading knitting patterns. I simply do not have the patience for all the de-coding! Discussing this with Jenna she advised me to look on YouTube for an instructional video and to simply make up my own pattern. Being a visual learner this helped me so much and made it easy to make up my own pattern. After watching this video I knitted up my swatch, measured my lil ones head, figured out how many rows to cast on, then I was off and knitting. I still have a bit to go before its done but when it is I will be sure to post the pattern (de-coding will not be nessasry!)

I also started knitting the little one a blanket awhile back and although very easy, it’s definitely taking me awhile to get this one finished. I’m afraid by the time its finished he will be much too big to even use it. In that case I guess it will become a baby blanket for the next lil bundle of joy we receive.

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