beautiful love

Yes, I have been crafting like crazy as of late but no I have not been carrying around my camera. To be honest, I have been finding it harder and harder as of late to capture beautiful pictures of my work and as this has been a struggle I’ve simply decided to just focus on my work and forget the photography. Sadly this means no posting of my new projects because really what is a blog without pictures? (not much of anything exciting to me especially being such a visual person) So I’m going to have to find some inspiration and technical advice somewhere soon but till then here are some beautiful photographs by the one and only Jenna Shouldice.

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lessons in becoming a knight


This boy of ours has been obsessed with stories of knights, Robin Hood and hunters as of late and so I thought it in order for a family hike up in Mount Madonna County Park. They have the perfect setting for a young boy to let his imagination run wild. Tall majestic trees, white fallow deer, wild turkeys, an archery range and the ruins of the old Henry Miller estate make for the perfect “castle” to practice your sword fighting techniques or play hide and go seek, because hey who doesn’t like to play hide and go seek!





All in all it was a fabulous day only it did leave our boy whining on the way home wishing he had a real bow and arrow to go hunting with and Mama yearning for more time in the mountains amongst tall trees and natures animals. One day, we will have our country mountain home and our children each their very own bow and arrows.


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A Fabulous Fall Equinox


Yesterday we were honored to have our first rain of the season. I was surprised to wake up to the streets and grasses dampened by a night rain fall. The kids were ecstatic, and right away spotting hidden puddles around the back yard through the back window. I truly do relish in the change of seasons, the transformative powers it exudes is exactly what is needed after being in the same realm for too long. Summer brought me great peace and rest this year but too much of anything is never very good. I was really just starting to feel lazy and so unambitious. It was decidedly time for a motivational push and Autumn has brought me exactly what I was in search of. I’ve now been awakened and inspired and on top of it all I just cant wait to wrap myself up in warm woolens, knee high leather boots, and hot coffee in hand. My friends all think I’m a lil coocoo for craving cold weather, I guess it must be the Canadian in me.

Today however, not a single rain cloud was in sight and the skies were full of sunshine and warmth. So we decided what better way to welcome Autumn than to go apple picking. In plus we had already gone through all the ones gathered from Onawa’s birthday party and not a single pie or crumble had been made. Only applesauce…lots of applesauce mind you but a pie or two is surely needed in our house before we move on to pumpkin picking! How did you celebrate the first day of fall this year?



IMG_2249 IMG_2253



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picking apples and turning two


Today my girl turned two years old. She was so excited to wake up to a trail of little cut out kitty cats leading her down to the nature table decked out just for her with her birthday ring, rainbow bridge story and big beautiful golden sunflowers. After opening a few special gifts we made her a deliscious breakfast shared with my parents in law. Later in the day we met up with a few close friends and family over at our local apple orchard to go apple picking. The kids had such a blast and playing in the picnic area and everyone went home with baskets and bags full of apples. I can’t wait to turn some of these apples into apple sauce and apple crisp!


IMG_2064 _MG_2093 _MG_2094






Happy birthday sweet girl! Thank you for filling my heart and lighting my whole entire lifetime. May you always find what you are looking for.

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fall fairies

Inspired by my friend Alixandra Mullins we decided to make our very own fall fairy house for our garden. We started by taking a nature walk through the woods. As we took our walk we spoke of fairies, we noticed the changes around us,  and we collected items for our fairy house. Everything from the falling leaves to the acorns on the ground, spoke to us that fall was indeed in the air. For our fairy house we collected leaves, moss, and acorn tops and soon both Owen and Onawa were fast asleep. I continued my walk enjoying the quite of the woods, and letting the beautiful wonders of mother earth rejuvenate me. Back at home I got out our metarials. For this project you will need:

  • A hot glue gun
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Wooden bird house (we purchased ours from Beverly’s)
  • Items picked up from nature (leaves, acorns, moss, etc.)
I laid out all of our items found on our walk on the table next to the bird house and let Owen apply the Elmer’s glue to the bird house and start adding the nature items on. I added hot glue to parts that were not sticking so well. Once we felt our creation was complete we let it dry and once ready we moved it out to our garden. The fairy house has been a great addition to our garden. Owen has fun checking it out everyday, inspecting it for new critters or maybe even a fairy that has moved in.

We have yet to notice any visitors to the fairy house but we are sure to check it everyday in anticipation of a new friend.

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outside in

Although Owen still sleeps in our bed he does indeed have his own bedroom. As it does not get used very often it has been left alone for quite some time with empty walls and bare corners. However, with my nesting instinct in full gear I was feeling it was finally time to make this space special for Owen. The walls in his room are very tall and so I could never picture simply decorating them with paintings or photographs and new some kind of mural would be the way to go. Birch trees are the first thing that came to mind, I played a bit with wanting to add in some animals but finally decided so keep things simple. Birch trees are one of my favorite kind of trees and I was excited to be able to bring a little of the outdoors into our home.

To get started I googled birch tree sencils to get an idea of how I wanted my trees to look as I knew I had many options. I choose a few pictures I liked best and read a blog (which I now cannot find for the life of me!) about what steps to take to paint birch trees freehand and was blown away at how simple it was going to be to actually do this. I was feeling a bit nervous about painting freehand on our house walls, so it was great to see the process broken down into simple steps. I am a painter but painting on our actual walls was really freaking me out. These three easy steps however really calmed me down and reasured me that I could do this without it looking like a total disaster.

Materials Needed:

  • Roller brush (I used one 4 inches wide)
  • Different sized paint brushes to paint branches and make touch ups.
  • Paint and paint tray (Note about my paint color choice: In Owen’s bedroom three walls are of a light blue and one of a darker hue so I simply used the paint leftover from this to create my mural. Using the darker hue of blue paint to paint the trees, this allowed me to use the lighter blue paint to touch up any mistakes I made. This made the whole process incredibly forgiving).
  • Blue tape

Step One:

Tape off base boards and ceiling in areas you will be painting your trees. Using the roller brush make your tree truck from the bottom to the top of the wall, this could be a straight line or curved, up to you, I choose to do some straight trees and some curved. I also choose not to make all of the tree trucks the same size. To do this I would only press down on one side of the roller brush instead of pressing the entire brush down to the wall. I would then use the smaller sized paint brushes to make touch ups along the sides of the trucks.

Step Two:

Add branches using smaller sized paint brushes.

Step Three:

Using the same color as backgroud wall color (here I used the lighter blue paint) paint lines into the trees to create the look of bark on the trees. Once this step in complete you are all done! Step back and admire your work.

I am really happy with the final product of this project. His rooms finally feels alive and like a fun place to be. As for Owen, he definitely seems happy about this new addition to his room. He’s been pretending to climb the trees and talking about monkeys and owls playing around up in the tree tops. Now I just gotta get Papa to build him some wooden shelves for his books and toys and his rooms will be complete. It took me about a year to get around to this project so lets see how long it will take Papa.

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this moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual (inspired by soulemama). A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.

Wishing you all a peaceful and beautiful weekend.



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this moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual (inspired by soulemama). A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.

Wishing you all a peaceful and beautiful weekend.



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better together

Time; how we spend it is up to us and what a precious thing time is. As of late I have chosen to spend my time trying to just be with my son. This pregnancy has made me feel a bit guilty for bringing another child into the picture. Even though I know how overjoyed we all will be to welcome this new love into our lives I can’t help but think about how I will now have to share my time with another and share my love with another. I give Owen so much of myself and I am afraid I won’t be able to give him as much as I do now especially in the first few months after the baby is born . To heal these feelings I have had to slow down and focus on making the bond we have now even stronger. Projects around the house have been put on hold and instead it has become a priority to simply focus on siting down and playing with my son. To just be in the moment with him rather than having five other things going on all while trying to be there for him. I’m finding it very peaceful and rewarding to be spending more time simply focusing on my son and not the million other projects I have going on around the house. We have been staying home a lot more and simply sitting around reading books, coloring together and just having fun being silly. I am loving this time alone with my son knowing that soon he will have to share me with another little one.

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Owen’s garden

Spring is soon on its way and so I was inspired to start up a little garden with our little Kai that we could later transplant into the outside garden. Owen was so excited about this project, mostly because it involved water, but I’m sure once flowers begin to bloom he will be excited about that as well. We chose to plant sunflower seeds, daisy’s, and strawberries. So far the strawberries have not grown at all but somehow they keep soaking up all the water. Every morning when we go check the plants the two strawberry pots are completely dry but the daisy and sunflower pots are still moist and growing rapidly. Hopefully the strawberry seeds we got weren’t bad. I just love the feeling of springs arrival, the sweet sound of spring birds in the air, beautiful blossoms upon trees, and the return of warm summers air. All of this always gets me excited about getting my hands deep in to cool soil to plant a new years arrangement of flowers, herbs and veggies. Last year we did not have enough sun coming into our yard so most of the things we planted did not make it very long. This year however we are planning on re-modeling the back fence in hopes that this will let in more sunshine for our garden. I am really excited about the thoughts of having a large bright and delicious garden which we could eat from. Here’s hoping!

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