picking apples and turning two


Today my girl turned two years old. She was so excited to wake up to a trail of little cut out kitty cats leading her down to the nature table decked out just for her with her birthday ring, rainbow bridge story and big beautiful golden sunflowers. After opening a few special gifts we made her a deliscious breakfast shared with my parents in law. Later in the day we met up with a few close friends and family over at our local apple orchard to go apple picking. The kids had such a blast and playing in the picnic area and everyone went home with baskets and bags full of apples. I can’t wait to turn some of these apples into apple sauce and apple crisp!


IMG_2064 _MG_2093 _MG_2094






Happy birthday sweet girl! Thank you for filling my heart and lighting my whole entire lifetime. May you always find what you are looking for.

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fall fairies

Inspired by my friend Alixandra Mullins we decided to make our very own fall fairy house for our garden. We started by taking a nature walk through the woods. As we took our walk we spoke of fairies, we noticed the changes around us,  and we collected items for our fairy house. Everything from the falling leaves to the acorns on the ground, spoke to us that fall was indeed in the air. For our fairy house we collected leaves, moss, and acorn tops and soon both Owen and Onawa were fast asleep. I continued my walk enjoying the quite of the woods, and letting the beautiful wonders of mother earth rejuvenate me. Back at home I got out our metarials. For this project you will need:

  • A hot glue gun
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Wooden bird house (we purchased ours from Beverly’s)
  • Items picked up from nature (leaves, acorns, moss, etc.)
I laid out all of our items found on our walk on the table next to the bird house and let Owen apply the Elmer’s glue to the bird house and start adding the nature items on. I added hot glue to parts that were not sticking so well. Once we felt our creation was complete we let it dry and once ready we moved it out to our garden. The fairy house has been a great addition to our garden. Owen has fun checking it out everyday, inspecting it for new critters or maybe even a fairy that has moved in.

We have yet to notice any visitors to the fairy house but we are sure to check it everyday in anticipation of a new friend.

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felted eggs

Lately our little boy has been quite fascinated by chicken’s. So much so that his Lito (or Grandpa) actually got him two chicken’s of his very own to help take care of. He loves to give his chicken’s big hugs and even kisses. Oh how this boy needs a farm! Along with his obsession with chicken’s comes an interest in eggs. He just loves when we get to crack an egg when baking something yummy, unfortunately I never let him have a turn at breaking open the egg. I’m not quite ready for that mess just yet! So I thought it was time for him to get some little play eggs of his own for his play kitchen. I had seen some play eggs before online but made of wood. I thought that felted eggs would be just as great, maybe even better! All his other play food is already made of felt so I thought they would tie in very well together. In plus I love any excuse to felt some wool.

I decided that wet felting would be the best way to go for this project, pulled out my natural undyed wool and got to work. I tried my best to get Kai involved in the process, as I love the idea of him being able to help out to make his own toys and especially to be able to play with water and wool. However, it is quite hard for a two year old to understand or be able to have the fine motor skills to be able to shape an eggs out of a wet glob of wool. So I simply have him his own little ball of wool and let him do as he pleased with it. He enjoyed this very much. To make these felted eggs you will need the following.


  • Natural, undyed wool
  • A bowl of warm water
  • Dish soap
  • A small towel
  • A felting needle (not nessasary but helpful)
  • An empty carton of eggs (I cut a 12 dozen carton of eggs in half that I had in the crafting closet for this project)

To get started fill your bowl of water (warm water works best), have your dishsoap and other supplies nearby and now begin by pulling out some wool. To begin you must start shaping thin layers of wool into an oval (egg shape). The technique I like best is to take a thin strip of wool about 4 inches long and 1 inch wide and start by placing my index finger in the center of the wool strip then wrapping the wool around my finger then folding over the wool under my finger and continuing in till I achieve a tiny ball. I then take another thin strip of wool of the same size and wrap it around this ball. I continue this process in till I achieve the shape and size I desire. This is where a felting needle can come in handy. Poke the needle into your shape when peices of wool seem not to be staying together tightly enough or it can also help you achieve the specific shape you are going for. For example when making felted balls I never found I needed a needle but with the eggs I found since the shape was a bit harder to achieve the needle was of a lot of help.

Once you have got the shape and size you want (make sure it is larger than what you want the final product too look like as the wool will shrink when put through the wet felting process) hold your egg either between both hands or just one and submerge under water. You want to hold your wool securly enough that it retains its shape under water but not so tightly that you smooch it flat or into an unreconizable shape. You will see air bubbles emerging to the surface and once all the air bubbles have stopped you may lift the eggs out of the bowl of water slowly. Be very gentle here, as if holding a baby chick in your hands as you do not want your wool to become a big glob of nothing resembling an egg. Now add the dish soap to the wool and begin to rotate the egg between your hands gently. You will soon see lots of lather building up, this is a good thing. Continue this process till the egg becomes firm and as the egg gets firmer you can handle the eggs with a bit more vigorous touch. Once near the end of the process you may gently squeeze the egg between your hands to ride of some of the water inside the wool, however be very careful not to do this too early as it can cause you shape to become all wrinkly. Once the wool looks well felted and your shape is nice and firm you may let you egg out to dry on a towel. This can sometimes take up to 2-3 days. A good video tutorial I like about wet felting can be found here. It is how I learned to make felted wool balls and I find it very helpful.

The end product: a half dozen of life size felted eggs for my little boy to cook and bake with. Love, love, love!

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turning two

My precious baby boy has turned two years old. Two years ago we welcomed our first son into our arms and our lives have changed ever since. With Owen’s birth came so much clarity about what was truly important to me in this world, watching the world through his eyes opens my heart and soul like I never imagined it could be. We celebrated this special day by gifting him with his very first birthday ring as well as his very first bike. He was filled with joy and amazement at his new bike and has been glued to it ever since. On the weekend we celebrated with some friends at a park nearby our house where the kids had a ton of fun playing parachute games and running around the play structures. May we have another year filled with wonder and joy!

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Corners of our home

I wanted to share with you all a few corners of our home. Since the holidays we have had to do some re-arranging around the house to accommodate for some new things. First we had to make room for Owen’s new play kitchen. Thanks to my wonderful Mother, Owen has now been cooking up a storm. Thank you so much Grandma for this beautiful heirloom, I am sure it will stay in our family for generations to come.

Since we ended up moving Owen’s table to make room for his new kitchen we now had to find a new space for his table. I though next to the water jug could be nice since he could soon learn to get water for himself and its also closer to the dinning room table and so he can actually see us now when having his snack or lunch at his own table. Also for Christmas Owen got his very first sketch pad from his very own Nina. Thank you so much Nina for such a thoughtful and creative gift. We’ve been having a great time coloring in it with the new crayons you got him. He’s also really into stickers at the moment so we’ve been playing a lot with those in there too.

Lastly, we finally got some coat hooks up by the door. I’ve only taken photographs of Owen’s coat hooks but right above his is ours, which was actually a gift from my sister, whom spent Christmas here in our home with her two kids this year. Thank you so much sister for finally inspiring me to get Owen’s own little coat hooks up. So far he’s been having a great time taking his coast off to get ready to go out, as well as picking out which shoes he wants to wear but he’s not showing much interest in actually hanging up his coat or putting away his shoes once back inside. Something we will have to work on.

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winter; a season of reflection


Blow, North Wind, Blow
All the leaves are falling;
Cold, frost and snow
Winter comes a-calling.
Mother Nature sleeps now,
All the earth is bare;
Deep in the ground
She guards her treasures rare.

~ Margaret Morgan

Winter is most definitely upon us all now, as is the season for celebration, and as we all prepare our homes to share with those we hold dear, our family would like to wish you all a happy holiday and a warm and delightful day of solstice. Enjoy this beautiful time of inward reflection and the return of light.

Happy solstice to all!


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Here’s a small glimpse of some of the crafts I had for sale at my first crafts fair I attended this past weekend. I also had some needle felted gnomes and wet felted balls for sale (blogged about here previously). Owen was nice enough to model for me my felt crowns but wouldn’t have anything to do with the tutus I made. So unfortunately I only have a picture of the tule I used, as I still can’t find a model to show off my tutus as all of Owen’s little friends are boys. Can you believe this boy doesn’t have any lil girl buddies! Poor lil bug! Anyway I had a blast selling my things for the very first time and would love to have the chance to do some more craft fairs. This might just get me inspired enough to start up shop on etsy too…..we shall see!! Now with the craft fair over its on to starting my holiday gifts! Bring on December and the light of Solstice!

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felt gnomes and more

With my very first craft fair quickly approaching I’ve been busy crafting and also busy learning some new skills. Needle felting in particular has been such a joy to learn. Actually I’m pretty sure I’m border line obsessed with this new craft. I do realize how dorky this may sound but I truly cannot get enough of needle felting. Felt all around is simply amazing but needle felting especially brings me a sense of peace, in the same sort of way that knitting does. Being busy with your hands is just so completely zen and satisfying to me. I’ve also gotten some more wet felted balls made. Also such a great sensory activity that I’ve fallen in love with. Hands down felting is my new love! Yes, you may call me a felt dork now, its official!


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autumn equinox

Today is the first day of autumn and I celebrated by getting my lil guy something to add to our fall nature table.

I had been eyeing this book for a while now and once fall was nearing I just knew it would be the perfect addition to our nature table. The book doesn’t have any words, only images of autumn and so I was a bit worried he wouldn’t like the book as much as some of this other favorites but he is absolutely in love with it. He’s been grabbing it off the table all day and bringing it over, cuddling up to me and insisting to hear a story about the pictures in the book.

We also added a few gords and pumpkins to the nature table which Owen thinks is just great. I still haven’t gotten around to making a third gnome and I’m still having a hard time trying to find some natural wool to stuff them with, so for the time being they are stuffed with the insides of an old pillow.

I am so excited to welcome fall as it is one of my favorite seasons. I love the change in colors on the trees, the falling of leaves, the harvest of food and the cooler brisk air. What are your favorite things about fall and how did you celebrate the new season? – April


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