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Recently Tristan and I inherited two wonderful machines (thanks to his parents) that have been changing the way we eat around here. One is an amazing blender that just pulverizes your food….as opposed to my regular blender that seems to just spin it around a bit. The other is a juicer!

I’ve always been a fan of fruit smoothies and my mother drove it into my head that fruit is best in the morning. So i’ve been known to enjoy my blended fruit. Now with this new blender i’ve been able to add vegetables to them too!!! It is amazing how you can completely cover up the taste of veggies with fruits! The first smoothie I made was strawberries, banana, flax oil, blueberries, raspberries, carrots, ginger and spinach. YUM! I couldn’t taste the spinach or carrots at all, nor could I see them. But since then i’ve moved onto even greener smoothies, so that i’m still able to have fruits as a smoothie on it’s own. Fruit alone in the morning and just a tad added to the veggie smoothies to sweeten the taste. The last one I made was so very green that I didn’t photograph it, but it was still delicious. It was a combination of strawberries, banana, carrots, kale, spinach, sunflower seed sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, spinach and ginger.

As for the juicer, well, i’m in love. I know everyone says that once you have a juicer you use it two days and then get over it but I so hope that doesn’t happen. Yes, it’s kind of annoying to clean but how satisfying is it to have a cup of freshly squeezed juice? I started to get on the juicing kick when spending a day with an old bride of ours in Vancouver in February. She is obsessed with organic juicing and made me carrot, apple and ginger in the morning. Again, YUM. So once we got a juicer (which was a total perfectly timed surprise) I started with that and have been really happy with it.

After using the carrot, apple ginger recipe quite a bit, I started adding beets and kale. This is my latest favourite and still includes all the flavours I love only with more! The kale pretty much disguises itself in there with the beet, which I should embarrassingly admit i’d probably never eat if it weren’t in a juice. Oh how these two machines have opened my eyes and nourished my tummy.

Oh, and just a warning. They look just as pretty on the floor as they do in your glass.
– Jenna


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  1. Oh my goodness Jenna these look absolutely to die for! You seriously need to come over and make me some of these. Yes, yes, I know I could make them myself. I even have a book all about smoothies and making your own juices but really I have never taken the time to make them. It would be so much easier if you would simply some over and be my personal juicer lol. But serious nice work, YUM, YUM!!

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