Corners of our home

I wanted to share with you all a few corners of our home. Since the holidays we have had to do some re-arranging around the house to accommodate for some new things. First we had to make room for Owen’s new play kitchen. Thanks to my wonderful Mother, Owen has now been cooking up a storm. Thank you so much Grandma for this beautiful heirloom, I am sure it will stay in our family for generations to come.

Since we ended up moving Owen’s table to make room for his new kitchen we now had to find a new space for his table. I though next to the water jug could be nice since he could soon learn to get water for himself and its also closer to the dinning room table and so he can actually see us now when having his snack or lunch at his own table. Also for Christmas Owen got his very first sketch pad from his very own Nina. Thank you so much Nina for such a thoughtful and creative gift. We’ve been having a great time coloring in it with the new crayons you got him. He’s also really into stickers at the moment so we’ve been playing a lot with those in there too.

Lastly, we finally got some coat hooks up by the door. I’ve only taken photographs of Owen’s coat hooks but right above his is ours, which was actually a gift from my sister, whom spent Christmas here in our home with her two kids this year. Thank you so much sister for finally inspiring me to get Owen’s own little coat hooks up. So far he’s been having a great time taking his coast off to get ready to go out, as well as picking out which shoes he wants to wear but he’s not showing much interest in actually hanging up his coat or putting away his shoes once back inside. Something we will have to work on.

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  1. That kitchen is so cute! Not as cute as the little bug who plays in it though! My goodness he is growing!!! I feel like he’s a mini Sal!!! I’m glad to see he’s drawing in this sketch book… when I saw it I knew right away it was for Owen : ) xo

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