Here’s a small glimpse of some of the crafts I had for sale at my first crafts fair I attended this past weekend. I also had some needle felted gnomes and wet felted balls for sale (blogged about here previously). Owen was nice enough to model for me my felt crowns but wouldn’t have anything to do with the tutus I made. So unfortunately I only have a picture of the tule I used, as I still can’t find a model to show off my tutus as all of Owen’s little friends are boys. Can you believe this boy doesn’t have any lil girl buddies! Poor lil bug! Anyway I had a blast selling my things for the very first time and would love to have the chance to do some more craft fairs. This might just get me inspired enough to start up shop on etsy too…..we shall see!! Now with the craft fair over its on to starting my holiday gifts! Bring on December and the light of Solstice!

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