felt gnomes and more

With my very first craft fair quickly approaching I’ve been busy crafting and also busy learning some new skills. Needle felting in particular has been such a joy to learn. Actually I’m pretty sure I’m border line obsessed with this new craft. I do realize how dorky this may sound but I truly cannot get enough of needle felting. Felt all around is simply amazing but needle felting especially brings me a sense of peace, in the same sort of way that knitting does. Being busy with your hands is just so completely zen and satisfying to me. I’ve also gotten some more wet felted balls made. Also such a great sensory activity that I’ve fallen in love with. Hands down felting is my new love! Yes, you may call me a felt dork now, its official!


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  1. The gnomes are adorable! I can’t wait to see you guys this weekend and hear about the craft fair and everything else you’ve been up to!

  2. Nice work April!! This is so exciting that you are apart of craft fairs now. And those balls are so cute!!! I’m excited to see what else you start making too! xo

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