Felting is something I have wanted to do for some time now. Wool has always captivated me; its soft, fluffy touch, so pure and natural, brings me happiness and ignites bursts of creativity in me. I decided I’d start my adventures with felting by making some wet felted balls.¬†Being a visual learning and a first time felter here is an instructional video that really helped me out.

First, using un-dyed 100% wool roving I rolled the wool into a ball about the size of a baseball, always keep in mind that your wool with shrink dramatically in the wet felting process.

Secondly, once I reached the desired shape I wanted I added on the dyed roving and wet felted it as well.

Lastly, once my ball was dry I needle felted some dyed roving to create a design. 

The final product, a beautiful handcradted felt ball for my lil kaipie to play with. Of course I didn’t stop here, I couldn’t merely have just one lonely felt ball, so I’ve been working on making a whole bunch, more to come on that soon! Also this got me all excited about needle felting so expect more to come on that as well. Stay tuned and till then I hope this inspires you all to get out and get felting! Keep in mind this is a great activity to share with children. Water, bubbles, sensory exploration and in the end you get a ball to play with, what could be more fun?


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