for the birds

Today we made gifts for the birds. In the art closet we had some paper rolls saved up and with a little peanut butter, bird seed and some yarn we created some tasty little treats for our backyard friends. Loving birds, Owen was excited the minute he saw the bag of birdseed. With all the pictures of colorful birds on the outside he knew just what we were up to. I spread the peanut butter and attached the yarn to the paper rolls ahead of time. That way Owen only needed to roll on the birdseed, I then hung up the rolls in the tree. He wanted so badly to climb up into the tree himself to hang the treats, in due time my sweet boy, in due time. Maybe if we’re lucky we will capture one of our friends on film sometime soon having a little snack in our backyard! Also I would love to make some more backyard treats for our little winter friends but have no ideas. Anyone know of some fun homemade treats for animals? Leave me a comment bellow if so!


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