fun with gingerbread

On the Sunday before Christmas we had some friends over to our home to build gingerbread houses. Owen was so happy to have all his little friends over and was having a great time showing off all his toys. In the end there was quite a bit of icing and candy scadered all around the house but all that matters is that we all had a great time. However, I do think next year we will make gingerbread men instead and simply decorate them, as this is probably something more toddler friendly and also something you can actually eat in the end. Whereas the houses don’t usually get eaten which seems pretty wasteful.

After all our friends had gone home my parents arrived and on Tuesday afternoon my sister, neice and nephew arrived who had been vacationing in Las Vegas and so on Christmas eve we got to making some holiday cookies. We made both gingerbread and sugar cookies, we even made a few that had a mixture of a little of each and they were actually my favorite. Owen’s favotite was the gingerbread dough so I had to hide that from him so that he wouldn’t eat it all. Then for breakfast on Christmas morning he ate two whole gingerbread cookies. Impressive considering he doesn’t care much for sweets. More to come later about Christmas day! How did you and your family spend time preparing for Christmas?

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