In a Year

A lot can happen in a year. Memories are made, experiences had, friendships are created and babies are born! In this past year my daughter Ema Onawa was born and this September will mark her first birthday. With her birthday rapidly approaching I am not only reminiscing on her birth and the experiences made with this new blessing in our family but I am also feeling a new beginning on its way. The first year of a baby is something very special. I have always found myself in a bit of a blur the first year of a new baby, mostly focused on mothering and not much else. The year flies by around me as I sometimes find myself standing still just staring at my precious babe. My midwife once gave me a card that read “the days are long but the years are short” and this could not be any closer to the truth. This past year has most definitely gone by much faster than I would have ever liked it to but it also has served me days that I felt would never end. So I am very happy to be able to say that I took the time to savor in the blissful moments of babyhood with my little girl as much as I could. I really do try to stop and remember how thankful I am to be able to stay at home with my children as it truly is a beautiful gift. And as my baby girl gets closer to being one years old, a toddler, and not so much a small baby anymore I find that I too have grown, I am noticing myself coming out of my “mama cocoon” as I like to think of it and as I emerge out into the great vast world again I find myself gravitating back to this blog, back to writing and creating. So I am hoping to make an appearance here more often now.

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