knitting for kai

Knitting is a craft I only recently started and with my lil munchkin running around its been slow going. None the less I still find the time every day to knit a little here and there, even if that means only getting a few rows done at a time. Knitting has become such a love affair for me. I step foot into a knitting store and I could be there for hours simply touching and gazing at all the beautiful yarns. I even have day dreams of owning my own farm one day raising sheep or alpacas so to be able to spin and dye my very own yarn….maybe one day, only time will tell! With fall on its way I decided to start a new project form my lil one. He really loves hats and I was feeling ready to take on a new project that I had never tried before. I was however feeling quite intimidated to begin this project as I have a hard time reading knitting patterns. I simply do not have the patience for all the de-coding! Discussing this with Jenna she advised me to look on YouTube for an instructional video and to simply make up my own pattern. Being a visual learner this helped me so much and made it easy to make up my own pattern. After watching this video I knitted up my swatch, measured my lil ones head, figured out how many rows to cast on, then I was off and knitting. I still have a bit to go before its done but when it is I will be sure to post the pattern (de-coding will not be nessasry!)

I also started knitting the little one a blanket awhile back and although very easy, it’s definitely taking me awhile to get this one finished. I’m afraid by the time its finished he will be much too big to even use it. In that case I guess it will become a baby blanket for the next lil bundle of joy we receive.

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