knitting for two

I want to share with you the beautiful new skeins of wool I accquirired this past weekend to finish off theĀ super easy baby blanket I’ve been working on. I just love the new colors I got! They are 100% Peruvian Highland wool by Cascade Yarns in Seattle, WA. I really don’t think the photograph I took captures the true colors of the yarn but that’s probably because I took this in the early morning with the sun shinning in on them (Jenna my love this is where you come in!). And why may I be knitting a baby blanket you ask? Nope, not for Owen, this blanket would be much too small for him. We actually will be welcoming the fourth member to our family come this September! Hence why I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks as this pregnancy has been a lot harder on me than my last so far. I’ve basically spent the last few weeks sleeping, but in the last couple days I’ve regained a bit of energy and I’m definitely getting exciting about knitting our new little one some warm, cozy, handmade gifts.

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  1. My favourite colours…this is going to be so beautiful!!! But not as beautiful as baby number two!!! I’m so so so beyond happy for you, but you know that : ) I can’t wait to see how this and he/she turns out!!! Keep posting the progress!! Also I love that you have a knitting basket. I need one so badly. My yarn is spread out between all these different reusable grocery bags.

  2. Congratulations, April! I’ve been wondering if we might be hearing this news soon! I’m so happy for you guys! Sorry to hear that the pregnancy has been tough, though. Maybe it means a girl this time? I hope you feel better soon! Can’t wait to catch up with you soon! Let me know if you ever have the time or energy for a play date with the boys. Hugs!

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