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They say it takes a village to raise a child. However our modern world  today is mostly comprised of what we now call the “nuclear family”. No more are the days that we live as one big family under one roof with grandma, grandpa and close siblings near by. Now family members of all types are scattered across the globe and stay connected through Skype or long airplane rides.  This was something I was not fully awakened to until the birth of my son. It was then that I realized I wanted my son to be able to grow up in an environment that surrounded him with love and by people whom would inspire him. As I had made the choice to move to California, (away from my own family in Canada) moving back home was not a choice as I had always fallen too deep in love with the land I lived in, but knew I had to find a way to surround my son with people whom I loved and admired so that he too may feel that love and admiration. It was when nearing my son’s first birthday that my husband and I decided we would like to ask friends of ours to become his godparents. Not being religious we struggled to come to terms with the word “godparent” and its meaning. My husband being hispanic shared with me their use of the word compadres for godparents and its meaning and I knew right away this was perfect and exactly what I had been looking for. A relationship where one would become co-parent, helping us fill our little one with love, joy and beautiful knowledge of our Earth.

So, yes my lil’ Kai (a common nickname we use for our lil’ guy) is most definitely what inspired and got us started in writing this blog, however none of that would be so if Jenna and I did not have the amazing friendship that we do. My friendship with Jenna has always been something special. She daily (even though living in whole different country than me) inspires me to be a better person but most importantly sparks my creativity. In turn this is exactly why this blog has been created. I hope this blog may bring you all enlightenment, inspiration and joy! – April


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