no-knead bread round two

As promised, I attempted to make the no knead bread yet again. This time I used all spelt flour, and half a teaspoon of active dry yeast as opposed to a quarter of a teaspoon. The dough was so pretty and smelt so great. The actual bread? Well that came out looking a little crispy. Next time I think I won’t bake the bread for as long after the cover is removed. I’ve been doing that for 15 minutes as suggested but I’m guessing my oven might be a bit hotter than 500 degrees. I also don’t have the proper pot for baking this in, so the bread seems to spread out a bit wider than I’d like it. I will have to go in search of a good bread making pot and see if it doesn’t help the bread rise a bit more instead of spreading.

As for the taste? Delicious! The rye version from last night was so tasty and worked perfectly with all the cheese that everyone brought! Like today’s loaf, it was a bit crispy on the outside and we were all joking about the brick of a loaf I had brought… but to my delight the inside was fluffy and soft. I will definitely be making this bread a lot and hopefully with the right baking device i’ll finally get the shape i’m looking for!

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