no-knead bread

Recently while searching for the perfect sweater pattern (i’ve decided to knit my first sweater) I found Elly’s blog. She recently posted bread that she had made using Jim Lahey’s no-knead bread recipe. No Knead? Sounds good enough to me! I decided to try making it yesterday only to realize you need to leave the dough for 10-8 hours, so I waited until the evening and threw together the dough and left it overnight. This afternoon I went through the rest of the steps and made a beautiful loaf using half rye and half regular flour. As you may already know Victoria is a rainy city and some days are not the brightest. By the time the bread was out of the oven it was so dark I could barely take any pictures. After holding my breath and using a painfully slow shutter, I bring you my first no-knead loaf. Listening to the advice on Elly’s blog, I watched this video to help me through the process, not that it was too hard. I didn’t have any bran or cornmeal on hand which they suggest using, so instead I covered my dough with seven-grain. I’d love to tell you that it tastes delicious but I have yet to taste the loaf! I’m taking it with me to a ‘bring your own cheese and wine night’. The host is a bread expert so i’m hoping for some future bread making advice. Fingers crossed that there won’t be much of this loaf left after the evening, so i’ll be starting up another batch of dough tonight to bake again tomorrow!

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  1. I love how this loaf turned out! It really looks beautiful and delicious too! Can’t wait till you come for a visit and we can make some loaves together.

  2. I made this bread the day before yesterday and yesterday. I’m surprised how easy it is! surprisingly I found your blog via SouleMama’s blog about this moment and then I found your bread recipes.


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