Onawa’s First Quilt

With Ema Onawa’s first birthday coming up, I figured we ought to blog the quilt that April, Tristan and I made her back when April was pregnant last summer. Quilting is such a great experience with friends, or in a group. This is the second quilt that I personally was apart of making (the first being one Tristan and I made for our anniversary) and I believe it was April’s first. (Right?) It’s so special to see it come together and know it was made with the love of 3 beings. That’s hardly any love compared to how much Onawa is actually loved, but it’s a good start.

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  1. Yes Jenna this was indeed the first quilt that I ever made, and I am so happy to be able to say I shared that experience with both you and Tristan. I really do believe quilting is something to be shared with friends. The memories made while creating this quilt will go on to live forever in Onawa’s quilt. She really is a lucky girl, triple the love went into this blanket and I’m sure that she can feel that love all around her when wrapped snugly in that quilt. Sadly I have not made any quilts since this one so you and Tristan better make your way down to Cali soon so we can start on number two!

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