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This week I took advantage of the gorgeous weather to bring some of our art time outside. I am so excited that spring is now truly here and showing its face everywhere we go. I thought it would be a wonderful way to celebrate our return to the outdoors by enjoying some fun with paint on canvas out in our backyard. It was really such a simply project too, all I needed was a canvas, some brushes and of course paint! I brought out all of my paints and let Owen pick his favorites. At first I tried setting out the paints he chose on a palette for him to paint from. However, he just ended up using the palette as his canvas so I soon realized that simply putting the paint directly onto the canvas would work much better, and it did. I would just put the paint directly from the tube of paint he chose onto the canvas and then he would paint away.

Once he was all done painting I brought out a bowl full of warm soapy and he of course had a blast with this part probably just as much as he did ith the painting if not more. It was also adorable to watch him clean himself up with very little help from me I might add. I simply gave him a towel to help him clean up and once he was all clean he even wiped down his table. What a good boy.

Overall he didn’t stay focused on the project as long as I would have hoped for, but maybe this is a sign that he prefers water colors to acrylics (yes I actually used acrylics with my babe haha, totally risky!) because every time we have done water colors he paints for almost an entire hour! Although, I thought maybe being outside was what distracted him as we have not done any art outside since last summer. All in all it was a successful art session and I can’t wait to take on more outside art projects.

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