pixies and bonnets

I can’t stop knitting these. Honestly. How cute are pixie hats and baby bonnets. After knitting a bunch of toques and then rosa hats and then cabled hats, I guess I was just in need of a new baby hat shape to work on. I had no idea I cared so much! April asked me to knit Onawa a pixie hat and obviously I was excited for a new project for our baby girl down in California. Knitting is my way of sending them a piece of us. I knew I would make it purple, because I wanted it to match the new doll that April made her ( and i’m hoping will blog for us! ) which is also wearing a purple pixie! I knew though, that I didn’t want to make the same pixie hat that everyone seems to make. Luckily, I remembered my sweet Tristan had bought me the book “Vintage knits for modern babies” for christmas!! By the way Tristan, spot on. So happily I whipped up a purple ‘vintage pixie cap’ and before you know it i’m making 4 more, and not long after that i’m making modern baby bonnets too. Why make one when you can knit a bunch?

Ravelry link for the pixies / Ravelry link for the bonnets


Sunny helped model them for me, until I had seen any real babies in them… like sweet Callum in his bonnet that we mailed him. Thanks Tim and Karen for sending me a picture of him! And Onawa for starting me on this trend!

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  1. I love the way you finished this hat! The bottom strap in the pattern I have has the ribbing going the other direction. How did you knit the strap?
    Thanks, Cheryl

  2. hi there I was wondering if u could help me ive been trying to find this wee hat pattern for ages , . the book its in dosent seem to be available in nz , have you any other sites that maybe I could purchase pattern
    may thanks Carol,

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