ringing in the new year

2011 is here and we brought in the new year by spending the first day of the year down in Big Sur. Our plans of camping there for the weekend changed as a raging rain storm moved in so after having lunch and splashing about in some mud puddles and taking a small walk down to a creek we made our way back home. On our way home we stopped by Carmel to take Owen on a lil trip around town on the holiday trolley then down to Ocean beach for a little walk with the dogs. All in all a wonderful way to start off a new year.

As with every year I see this time as a point of reflection and also as a time to look ahead. When I sat down this year, reflecting on the past one I was happy to recall all the new moments we got to share with our little one. All the firsts that we got to experience as a new family of three, all the knitting, sewing and learning. The small things really brough a smile to my face. When looking ahead I thought about all the new firsts to come, all the sewing, the knitting and crafting. As for our lists to become more eco-friendly we decided the most realistic changes for our family would be to try to create less garbage. Number one on my list was driving and gas. Living outside of town I really do a lot of driving but at this moment I can’t see how I could change this. Second on my list was diapers. We currently only use cloth diapers half of the time, when we go out we use dispossible, at home we use cloth. But with me back at work it’s gotten to be a lot more dissposible than anything else. Also we simply do not own enough cloth diapers and with them being so expensive we simply cannot afford to go out and buy as many as we need all at once. However, I was thinking of sewing my own, so if anyone knows of a good pattern to sew your own cloth diapers please let me know! Last on my list was to reduce garbage. Now this covers a lot of territory so we will start with baby steps, such as; sewing cloth napkins, sewing bags to collect our veggies and fruits at the market. Also collecting glass jars to keep our grains, sugars, flour, etc. and then buying in bulk with our own sewn cloth bags to reduce our amount of waste. Last on my list was to buy locally more often. We already visit our local farmers market quite often but I’m finding that especially with it being winter we have not been going every week as we were in the spring and summer. I’d really love to get to know our local farmers better and to even visit their farms. So there are some goals of ours for this comming year. More to come on all of them throughout 2011! Happy new year all!


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