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made by nina


Well it’s winter and yes even though we live in California it is time for woolens and family time by the fire. So we were so happy when we received a gift by mail from our Compadres. Onawa received a beautiful sweater from Nina (Jenna) and she just adores it!



Owen received these cute grey knit gloves from Nino (Tristan) and I personally cannot get over just how precious these look on him. They will be perfect for riding his bike on cold, foggy days. Thank you so much Compadres for these beautifully hand-made gifts!



Owen also got the gift of warmth from his Nina. Gorgeous new gloves to keep his little hands warm while playing outside.
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fresh off the needles

Before I embark on a whole new set of projects, I thought I should post a few of the ones I just completed. I still have to share the rest of my christmas gifts which I finally can now that they are all given out… and yes it took me a while to do that! This big lace scarf was hard for me to ignore once I realized I had the right wool in my stash. I kept reading about how fast it was for everyone but I found it just the opposite. Maybe it was because it was my first time lace knitting or because big needles are kind of awkward, but it took me maybe double the time suggested. Once I got to the end I felt like the scarf was just too small in length so I ripped it out and started over with 14 stitches. Now I like it much better and i’m hoping someone else out there will too ; )

I also fell in love with Soulemama’s recent pattern, “The Rosa Hat”. I love the idea of fake cables so I used this azapa from araucania and knit up a tiny newborn hat. The pattern is for adults and kids so I just guessed (based on my gauge) and cast on 60 stitches and only did 3 rounds of the rosa. This is the first hat I’ve officially finished for my baby pile. The whole reason I started knitting was to make clothes for my own kids ahead of time and have been so busy gifting that i’ve never gotten around to starting. I love how little and cute this hat is and will definitely be making more baby rosa’s. Actually, i’ve already cast on for another since. P.S. no i’m not pregnant.

For another ‘first’, I decided to knit myself a hat using the malabrigo worsted I found downstairs in Knotty by Nature and just couldn’t resist. I think i’ve since bought two more skeins of this colour just because i’m afraid of them running out of stock! The pattern I used is Jane Richmond’s “Autumn”. She is actually a local designer from the island which is pretty cool. This hat is supposed to be made with a chunkier yarn, so again I knit up a swatch and decided to go with 88 stitches. I also mixed up the rib and knit 2×2 instead of the actual pattern.. I guess I was reading too quickly. After the rib was done I also just added one stitch using the backwards loop method, so that I could just knit one purl one continuously. I did love how she cast off for this hat and I think it finished nicely. I made it with the intention of wearing it this week while we’re in Whistler.

And lastly, a pair of mens fingerless mitts for my friend Huy who just moved to the pacific northwest, and will be needing some working gloves.. at least I hope he needs them. Technically these were his Christmas gift but again it took me so long that it seemed more like a birthday present i’m sure. For these I used the earth collection homestead from diamond yarns which I also got from Knotty by Nature. I’ve a few more projects on the go and just got home with a purse full of freshly wound balls of yarn to work on this week, so more to come as always!! : ) My ravelry project page can be found here.

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a present for my grandma

Well, I promised I would share what became of my pile of Christmas yarn and now that my presents are all done I thought it might be time to post! We’ll start with my sweet Grandma. This pattern isn’t completely a first for me. It was one of my favourites on Ravelry when I first joined, but every time I tried it I would have to pay such close attention to the pattern that inevitably i’d mess it up and end up making my own patterns to make up for a mistake. Now, a whole year later I can finally hold this pattern in my head (it’s amazing the difference just a year can make) and could finally make my Grandma the washcloths I wanted to make her last year! Just for the record, instead of making these last year I made her a warm winter cowl so she wasn’t exactly deprived of a hand knit gift.

I do have to admit though, I didn’t make all of these myself! In fact I really only made the white one. Because we were making so many knitted gifts this year, Tristan pitched in on a couple of them so that they would actually get done in time for the holidays. This was one of the ones he helped with. I think that was nice for my Grandma though, getting a gift that was made by both of us.

The yarn we used was Blue Sky Skinny Dyed Organic Cotton. I love love love this yarn for washcloths. Using a washcloth made from a quality cotton is pure luxury. I had actually bought a bunch of skeins last year so I already had the colours I wanted to use for Grandma. Now there is just enough yarn for about 5 more cloths, which I will eventually make for us. The only sad part is that the store I bought this cotton from stopped purchasing it! I bought up as much as I could when it went on sale. Luckily this boxing day I found a replacement that I love as equally, and will post about that soon.

The pattern I used is by Debbie Andriulli, posted on her ‘homespun living’ blog here: My Ravelry link is here

I know dishcloths probably aren’t number one on anyone’s wishlist (except maybe mine) but I personally think they make such a great gift because washing with these cloths are so wonderful, and who doesn’t need a little spice in their everyday chores?  – Jenna

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