’tis the season… to get ready for next year

When it comes to crafting, I am an ambitious procrastinator. I come up with a lovely list of a million things to do, and leave them to the last minute so that I can barely find any time to do them. As you can imagine, gifts fall into this category…. which is why i’m still making them and Christmas has since past. And although I had a lot of inspiration for things I wanted to make for our holidays, gifts had priority and crafting for our place just plain didn’t happen.

This could make me sad, being a Christmas freak (I can’t help but love the holidays) but instead I am just excited for next year. When my mom was starting our family she would wait until after Christmas to get new decorations for next year half price, or sew our stockings early in the year so they’d be ready for December. I’m going to have to take after my mom with this, because it is apparent that if I leave my ‘to do’s’ until the season it won’t get done. And so here I am collecting sale fabrics and ideas for our next Christmas. – Jenna

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  1. I too being an ambitious procastinator love this idea of starting for next year, now! I didn’t get around to so many crafting projects this year and I really do feel that going about it after christmas and getting ready for next year early is a great idea. Again my love you inspire me ever more, this is why you are my comadre!

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