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I’ve finally knitted my first item for baby, a tiny baby hat. Although it did end up smaller than I anticipated and given how large Owen’s head was I’m guessing this baby’s head won’t be any smaller, if anything it will only be larger! …Oh my! I even cast on an extra 10 stitches because when I started the hat with the original 28 I soon noticed that the hat would be better fitted for a mouse than any newborn of mine so I assumed that 38 stitches would be plenty more. As the last time I added stitches to a pattern for fear of it being too small it ended up fitting my head and not Owen’s, who’s head it was intended for! Anyway, I love how the hat turned out, and I am now in love with knitting with bulky yarn and large needles. Its fast and looks absolutely great! I can’t wait to knit a bunch more of these hats in all sorts of colors since I know a lot of pregnant mamas right now. I’d also love to learn how to make some matching booties with these. Jenna I think this means you need to help me!! You knitting bee you!

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  1. Oh how cute!!!! I love this hat, and the yarn you chose!! Matching booties would be adorable. I haven’t made any yet, maybe we’ll have to figure that out together!!!

  2. Isn’t the yarn great? I’m in love with bulky yarns now, and this one is great too because it actually goes from thin to think which gives it a neat look. I’m happy to hear you like the color I chose too because I’ve noticed I often tend to choose bring colors whereas you go for more neutral tones. I’m thinking though, especially because we probably aren’t finding out the sex of our baby that I really would love to knit some baby things in greys and whites. And yes we should definitely learn how to knit booties together:)

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